Iraklion (Ηρακλειον) is the mainport of the island of Crete. If you come to Crete, you probably arrive in Iraklion either at the harbour or the airport. Most of the goods also passes through Iraklion.
The Morosini FountainOne of the first things you notice is the typical smell of herbs, especially in the vicinity of the port.
Iraklion is the largest city on Crete. Here you find the ancient and the new world living side byThe market in Iraklion side.
If you come to Iraklion you will come through the port-area. The busstation is also close to the harbour. From the square, opposite the ancient Venetian harbour, leads a road into the centre of the city. (25th August street).
Walking up, you passes a diversity of shops and a little further is a square with a fountain, the Morosine fountain, with lions. Here are a lot of taverns and cafes, where you can eat and drink.
Always freshFrom here you have a good starting point to visit the vast sightseeing of Iraklion.
The Archaeological museum is famous for its huge Minoan collection. There is also the historical museum with collections after the periods of the Romans.
During the morning and the afternoon there is a market. Here people sell all fresh food, from the land as well as from the sea. Here you taste the orient.
Iraklion has many hotels. It is a good starting point to see the center of Crete.
Houses are build close to each other, which also means, that the streets are very narrow. Inside the city many cars and pedisterians walking and running like ants in ant-hill.
And you are invited to be one of the ants..........

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