Crete is a land set in the dark billowing seas,
Fertile and charming and surrounded by water,
There live numerous people, and their cities are ninety,
People of many races and many languages!
There live Achais, Kydones and native Cretans,Dorians of three different groups, and noble Pelasgers,
Their royal city is Knossos, where Minos ruled,
Who spoke nine years long with Zeus, the great god.

These words spoke Homeros, the famous ancient Greek poet.
Homer describes the Island of Crete through the eyes of Odysseus.
While wandering over the vast seas, searching for his way back to his beloved Ithaka, Odysseus visited Crete.
He probably landed on the island at the Minoan harbour of Amnissos. On this spot you still find remains of the ancient harbour and city. Amnissos was the port of
Remember when you airplane is decending for Irakleion Airport (Nikos Kazantzakis) you probably fly over Amnissos.
Taking the inland road to Knossos through the Karteros valley, he finally arrived at Knossos.
Here he was welcomed by Idemeneus, who was, according legend, a grandson of King Minos.
Odysseus was welcomed the same way you will be welcomed to day at the island of King Minos, the Isle of Crete.